What is a Cohort?

Your cohort is your community—your home away from home for the week of The CI Summit. When you register for the conference, you will make your cohort selection based on what you feel is your level of understanding and expertise in Acquisition-Driven Instruction (ADI). The cohort teams will be preparing for you a week’s worth of skill training, collaboration, and coaching to fit the description of that cohort selection. The content will be personalized to your level, but not necessarily individualized to you and your distinct needs.

That’s where the coaching and collaboration time come in. During these times, you will be in much smaller groups, with one or two coaches who will support your more specific questions, concerns, and other needs to ensure your skills grow through the week.

During collab time each day, you will have a chance to ask questions. And, if that still doesn’t meet your personalized needs, there will be an Open Coaching room. Members of the coaching team will be there waiting to help you—to work on skills, answer questions, give guidance, etc. In the Open Coaching room, you could have one-on-one time with your coach (arranged ahead of time) or with another member of the coaching team.

Here’s what to expect each day during Cohort time:

Since each cohort is designed to build through the week, and is a community and focused on a specific level, we ask that you stay in your chosen cohort and not hop around to different level cohorts throughout the week. If you want to also experience the other cohorts, we invite you to watch the recordings of the virtual cohorts after the conference next summer. That way, you get to “have your cake, AND eat it too!”

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